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Toshiba Tecra Laptop Repair

Innovative IT, based in Central London, is a nationwide Toshiba laptop repair centre. With over 15 years experience in the laptop and notebook repair industry, we provide professional help for all your Toshiba Tecra laptop repair requirements in London and the UK.

Toshiba Tecra Laptop Repair

Why replace your damaged Toshiba Tecra laptop when you can have it repaired? For secure and dependable Toshiba Tecra laptop repair, upgrade and support services, our state of the art repair centre is your best choice. As part of our London Toshiba Tecra laptop repair and upgrade services, we offer component level laptop repair at the most competitive prices for Tecra A10 Series, Tecra M10 Series and Tecra R10 Series.

Toshiba Tecra Repair and Upgrade

Not certain of the problem you are experiencing? No problem, our repair technicians carry out comprehensive hardware and software diagnostics on your Toshiba Tecra notebook to determine the exact source of malfunction. As part of our Toshiba Tecra laptop repair and upgrade services in the UK we offer memory (RAM) replacement / upgrade, LCD screen repair / replacement, hard drive data recovery / transfer, hard drive replacement / upgrade, CD-ROM, CDR-W, DVD replacement / upgrade, LCD backlight repair / replacement, LCD inverter replacement, virus / ad-ware / spy-ware removal, motherboard repair / replacement and DC Power jack replacement services.

For more information about our quick London Toshiba Tecra laptop repair and upgrade services in the UK, please free to contact us at 020 7394 2522 or e-mail us at

As part of our London Toshiba Tecra repair and upgrade services, we service the following Tecra laptop models:

A10 Series - A10-1C5, A10-16E, A10-14P, A10-19P, A10-18Z, A10-156, A10-190, A10-16D

M10 Series - M10-18M, M10-1CN, M10-15A, M10-15B, M10-196, M10-1CD, M10-1CE, M10-12M, M10-17H, M10-1DG

R10 Series - R10-112, R10-142, R10-11B, R10-143, R10-114, R10-10H

8100, 8200, 9000, 9100

A10-104, A10-10P, A10-112, A2-104, A2-108, A2-502, A2, A3-100, A3-146, A3-151, A3X-136, A3X-137, A3X-140, A4-109, A4-111, A4-132, A4-160, A4-163, A5-101, A5-102, A5-119, A5-120, A5-145, A6-107, A6-108, A6-131, A6-132, A6-171, A6-176, A8-106, A8-162, A8-166, A8-176, A8-180, A8-191, A8-192, A8-193, A9-102, A9-11I, A9-11K, A9-11M, A9-127, A9-12G, A9-12H, A9-13P, A9-150, A9-151, A9-153, A9-16H, A9-16I, A9-50X, A9-51B, A9-51S, A9-51U, A9-51V

M10-10H, M10-10I, M10-10W, M10-11V, M10-11X, M10-14S, M1, M2 P-M, M2 P-M 715, M2 P-M 725, M2 P-M 735, M2 P-M 745, M2 P-M 755, M3-116, M3-117, M3-177, M3-272, M4-102, M4-154, M5-101, M5-102, M5-103, M5-127, M5-128, M5-208, M5-210, M5-211, M5-386, M5-387, M5-388, M5-389, M5-390, M7-102, M7-111, M7-115, M9-101, M9-104, M9-12C, M9-12K, M9-12L, M9-12S, M9-12T, M9-136, M9-139, M9-13A, M9-147, M9-149, M9-14B, M9-14C, M9-14F, M9-15H, M9-15I, M9-15K, M9-15R, M9-15S, M9-15T, M9-196, M9-1B7, M9-1B8, S10-11R, S1

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