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Toshiba Portégé Laptop Repair

Innovative IT is a Central London based Toshiba laptop repair centre providing local and nationwide specialist laptop repairs and upgrades on all makes and models of Toshiba laptops including Portégé laptops. We offer specialist Toshiba Portégé laptop repair, replacement and upgrade services at affordable rates to customers right through the UK for Portégé M800 Series, Portégé A600 Series, Portégé R600 Series and Portégé M750 Series.

Toshiba Portégé Laptop Repair

We offer professional, same day Toshiba Portégé laptop repair services to home and business clients in London at the most competitive prices. Quick turnaround services are offered to customers based outside London. Our experienced technicians can troubleshoot and fix the most challenging software or hardware issues that you come across with Toshiba Portégé laptops.

Toshiba Portégé Repair and Upgrade

With regards to our Toshiba Portégé laptop repair, replacement and upgrade services, customers can send their faulty Portégé laptop computer to our Central London Toshiba repair centre or we can organize a same day pick up service with UPS. By means of sophisticated tools, our repair technicians will evaluate your out of order laptop to find out the source of the problem. Once the problem is determined, we will give you a price quote. Only on your approval of the Portégé laptop repair charges, we will commence the repair process.

Our Toshiba Portégé repair services include:

  • Toshiba Portégé Laptop Component Level Repair
  • Toshiba Portégé Laptop Operating System Troubleshooting
  • Toshiba Portégé Laptop Hard Drive Data Recovery
  • Toshiba Portégé Laptop Data Backup / Transfer
  • Toshiba Portégé Laptop Hard Drive Replacement / Upgrade
  • Toshiba Portégé Laptop Memory (RAM) Replacement / Upgrade
  • Toshiba Portégé Laptop Screen Replacement
  • Toshiba Portégé Laptop DC Power Jack / Power Plug Replacement
  • Toshiba Portégé Laptop Motherboard Repair / Replacement
  • Toshiba Portégé Laptop Hinge Replacement / Repair
  • Toshiba Portégé Laptop Keyboard Replacement
  • Toshiba Portégé Laptop Backlight Repair / Replacement
  • Toshiba Portégé Laptop Inverter Repair / Replacement
  • Virus, Spyware and Trojan Horse Removal

For more information about our quick London Toshiba Portégé laptop repair, replacement and upgrade services in the UK, please free to contact us at 020 7394 2522 or e-mail us at

As part of our London Toshiba Portégé laptop repair and upgrade services, we service the following Portégé laptop models:

M800 Series - M800-11J

A600 Series - A600-12O, A600-122, A600-16N, A600-14C, A600-16P

R600 Series - R600-10Q, R600-12Z, R600-10T, R600-11B, R600-108, R600-102

M750 Series - M750-11W, M750-13C, M750-116, M750-11R, M750-12G

2000, 2010, 3480CT, 3490CT, 3500, 4000, 4010, 4010, 7220CT, 7220Cte

A100, A200-120, M100-104, M100-112, M100, M200-102, M200-105, M200-152, M200, M300-101, M300-102, M400-105, M400-10P, M400-11G, M400-11H, M400-143, M400-144, M400-145, M400-146, M700-110, M700-11F, M700-139, M700-13A, M700-13B, M700-13P, M750-10J, M750-10K, M750-10L, M800-106,

R100 P-M 733, R100, R200-110, R200-126, R200-130, R400-100, R400-106, R500-100, R500-106, R500-10I, R500-10J, R500-10U, R500-11B, R500-11C, R500-11K, R500-11Z, R500-124, R500-125, R500-126, R500-12S, R600-101, R600-110, R600-11Q, S100-100, S100-101, S100-115

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